jazz nights at beviamo

Good food is better with good experiences. Beviamo organizes several unique evening events throughout the year, including wine tastings, jazz nights, and special culinary experiences with our authentic dishes. Our events have received praise and created unforgettable moments for our guests, cementing us as Copenhagen’s destination for gastronomic and cultural adventures.

  Come and join us for our upcoming events, where we combine our passin for good food, wine, and music to create unforgettable moments at Beviamo.

jazz night's Febuary

jazz night's MARCH


“Every Thursday, we invite you to an evening filled  with atmospheric jazz here at Beviamo. We believe that good food and wine are even better with good music. You are invited to enjoy an evening of smooth jazz from Francesco Cigna, Romulo Duarte de Oliveira, and their guests.

Our jazz evenings are created with the same passion and authenticity that characterizes our Italian wine and pasta restaurant.

Experience live music in a relaxed atmosphere while indulging in our selection of exquisite wines and culinary delights. It’s the ideal way to start the weekend, and we look forward to creating unforgettable moments in good company every Thursday at Beviamo!”